Image of Cherry Bunny 2
  • Image of Cherry Bunny 2
  • Image of Cherry Bunny 2

Cherry Bunny 2

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I have been making variations of these bunnies since 2010.  The first ones were rough, furry, sketchy, and unpolished, but as I continued to develop their style and aesthetic, I found that they evolved to be more refined and elegant.  Creating the bunnies became an exercise in grace and balance, and I felt that there were elusive "perfect" curves and shapes yet to be achieved, as if there were some sort of Fibonacci code that could be revealed if I managed to get the neck or the ears just so.  What began as quick exercises of gesture became symbols of synchronicity.

How they work:

This year I decided to employ the power of modern technology in my quest to uncover the quintessential visual language of the bunnies.  After first sketching each Bunny, I then spent hours honing each one digitally.  Once I was satisfied with the designs, I had each bunny laser cut, providing an finely rendered edge previously unachievable.  Once they were cut, the bunnies went through a 7 step process of cleaning, painting, sanding and finishing by hand, giving each one a unique fingerprint and impression of the human touch.  The final result is a creation that has a streamlined quality achieved only through machining, but is brought to life by having the organic quality of a hand painted object.  The graceful lines of these bunnies are supplemented by the infusion of my will and intention through my hands, allowing them to stand as symbols of synchronicity.  Their symmetry combined with their individuality inspire us to relate to them and feel the we too are individuals in symmetry.  Additionally, each bunny comes with a “Certificate of Synchronicity”, a signed 6x6 in. print that reads "I am exactly where I am supposed to be." to act as a supplementary tool to convince your own mind of this universal truth as you read it.